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At S.A. Burks Productions & Consulting, we provide script analysis, story development, and creative consulting services.



As an aspiring screenwriter, your journey to success starts here. 

I’m Selena Burks Rentschler, an award-winning producer, screenwriter, and educator with over two decades of experience in the film and television industry. Crafting compelling narratives is my passion; I’m here to help you breathe life into your story.

Our consulting services cover a spectrum of crucial elements, including plot development, character arcs, engaging dialogue, and industry-standard formatting. Whether you’re shaping your story, honing your characters, or refining your dialogue, I’ll provide the expertise and insights needed to elevate your script to its fullest potential.

Our ultimate goal is to help you refine your script, preparing you to confidently pitch it to producers or submit it to prestigious festivals. Let’s collaborate to bring out the best in your creativity, ensuring your screenplay shines in the competitive landscape of the entertainment industry.


Let’s embark on this screenwriting adventure, turning your vision into a captivating story that demands the spotlight.

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